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Office IX
Office iX offers an innovative and efficient web-based office productivity software suite that provides seamless integration into the corporate intranet. With its fully integrated workflow management system, it facilitates and enhances on-line collaboration, communication and productivity amongst the users of the organization, locally and globally.

Office iX delivers a rich set of cost-effective benefits that offer organizations significant returns on investment. For more information about product's features, visit
Improve Productivity & Efficiency
By automating administrative proceses, and promoting efficiency, convenience and communications, Office IX puts informa-tional control into the hands of managers, as well as individual users.
By streamlining business processes, and integrating resources from different systems into an integrated wed-based environment, Office IX helps improve manageability, reliability and control.
With innovative use of open system archi-tecture, Office IX allows seamless integration with existing applications that are Web Services ready.
Reduce User
Easy to navigate & user-friendly interface design ensures Office IX is simple to operate and learn.
Minimize IT Administration
Office IX simplifies administrative tasks with a centralized web-based administration console.
Office IX is tailor-made to individual business needs by adoption a ground-up but flexible approach.
Faster Delivery
Office IX leverages on existing infrastructure and does not require additional costly investments in resources.