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Consulting Services
The E-Business Consultants

Purchasing a system is an important investment. Apart from your immediate budget, you'll need to consider the impact on your daily business processes and long term corporate strategy.

Our consultants are available to provide detailed analysis of your business processes, and advise on how best to use the latest technology to meet your business objectives. Cyberville consistently place our priority in our clients needs and go the extra mile to achieve our clients' goals. We do this by providing consultation for project funding, engage our clients to understand their problems, as well as provide a platform for collaboration and facilitation on business needs beyond our expertise to develop excellent solutions that address our clients' concerns.

The additional benefits of Cyberville eServices' professional consultation are:
  • Obtaining expert internet marketing and public relations advice
  • Technical support and assistance
  • Connectivity consultation and project management
  • Information brokering services
  • Many other specialised services that enable clients to harness the full potential of the Internet.